The Local Community Newspaper

Photograph of The Local Community Newspaper

The Local Newspaper is a grassroots publication that started 12 years ago. It has continued to thrive and grow on the Sunshine Coast. Readers like its easy to read format of local news and views. Advertisers like the exposure they receive by our postal distribution to all homes on the Sunshine Coast, to all businesses, and also our weekly distribution on the BC Ferries.

The Local Newspaper is innovative in its approach to content and advertising space, allowing our readers up to date local content without getting lost in the traditional mega newspaper style of too many pages. We appreciate that your time is valuable and filter our content to be the most up to date. Our publication is precise, local, and to the point. We use quality paper and frequently use high glossy paper stock for further impact.

We have an innovative website where advertisers and readers can read our digital version on line as well as spend more time browsing our more in-depth stories. We enjoy high traffic in our social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

With a distribution of 12,600 copies every week, our locally owned publication is proud to be a voice on the Sunshine Coast, and your choice for local news and advertising.

Type of Business: Newspaper

Business Category: Specialty Services

Street Address: 213 - 5710 Teredo Street, Sechelt, BC, V0N 3A0

Postal Box: PO Box 494

How to Find Us: Located in Teredo Square on the second floor

Telephone: 604-885-3134




Hours: Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm

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