Press Release: SDBA Unveils New Logo

June 11, 2013

At their most recent board meeting, on June 6th, the Sechelt Downtown Business Association (SDBA) unanimously voted to adopt a new logo and brand direction. The change is the first step in a new initiative aimed at enhancing the overall experience, for residents AND visitors, in the SDBA.

As born and raised Sunshine Coasters, the logo’s creators, Josh and Amanda Miller of 2 Waters Publishing, wanted to ensure the new branding highlights both the diverse selection of businesses and the often overlooked reasons to visit Sechelt. “We often take for granted how unique Sechelt is,” said Josh Miller. “In designing this logo we wanted to catch people’s attention with a fresh and bright image. Each detail has been crafted to help highlight the fact that Sechelt’s ‘Seaside Village’ is a must-see spot and that it truly is the core of our local community.”

The move to introduce a new logo and brand theme for the SDBA is just the first step the organization is planning to take in an effort to elevate the customer experience in Sechelt. With a new website already under construction and a host of new community events on the horizon, the SDBA is committed to creating a vibrant village atmosphere that emphasizes the unique features, businesses and people of Sechelt’s Seaside Village.

“The new logo represents the diversity of opportunities that make up the fabric of Sechelt Village,” said Katharine Trueman, President of the SDBA. “In essence [it represents] ‘the community at work together.’”

Support has already been strongly positive. Robert Flux, the SDBA’s Treasurer, commented, “The new logo is bright and vibrant, just like Sechelt. It really showcases what Sechelt offers, both locals and tourists.” And SDBA Vice-President, Duane Perrett, added, “I’m really excited about our new logo and website. I think that they represent the downtown with a more current look and will suit the upcoming changes with the SDBA.”

The logo defines a new direction for the SDBA, one in which the seaside settings, the unique businesses and, most importantly, local community members are the focal points. Perhaps Marg Morris of The Upstairs Downstairs Shoppe summed it up best by saying “I love the tag line ‘where locals eat, shop and play’ as that is what I ask when I travel; where do you eat, where would you go to buy… Not many people know who or what the SDBA is but this logo speaks to what Sechelt’s village is.”

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