The SDBA Advantage


The Sechelt Downtown Business Association (SDBA) membership includes all businesses and organizations located in the Downtown Sechelt Business Improvement Area, as well as associate members from outside the area, who have elected to join.

We represent our merchants on:

  • District of Sechelt Issues
  • The Sechelt Economic Development Partnership
  • The Sunshine Coast Community Economic Development Partnership
  • Sechelt Chamber of Commerce
  • Sechelt Revitalization Committee
  • Community Police Issues
  • The Sunshine Coast Community

We organize on our merchants’ behalf:

  • Canada Day Parade and Celebrations
  • Holiday Shop Hop & Block Parties
  • Beautification projects in the downtown

We arrange SDBA member networking opportunities:

  • Marketing & Promotions
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Business Educational Opportunities

We offer Gift Card programs to encourage Shopping Local:

  • SDBA Gift Cards available for purchase for any shop within the BIA
  • Businesses will receive full reimbursement from the SDBA if a gift card is used at their place of business

Associate memberships are available for businesses outside of Downtown Sechelt.

My Downtown Beautification Micro Grant

Studies have shown that beautification alone can increase sales between 15% and 35%. Merchants should think of the sidewalks fronting their shops as extensions of their window displays, or as entry halls to their stores. Beautiful settings attract people. Adding flowers, trees and outdoor furnishings to a shopping district makes it more inviting, and encourages shoppers to stay longer.

Program Components & Grant Eligibility

Downtown Sechelt invites you to apply for the My Downtown Beautification Micro Grant program, your business could be eligible for $500 to beautify your premises. Any store front business within the BIA that has a valid business license and is a member in good standing is eligible for the Beautification Program.

Summer & Winter Botanical

This aspect of the program includes botanical improvements to your place of business. Summer beautification may be in the form of a planter, a hanging basket or a garden area. We ask that you do arrange a selection of plants that can withstand water restrictions and weather.

Use your imagination to beautify your business in the winter. Planters and baskets of greens or additional lighting will all qualify for the beautification program. Your winter beautification must be in place for a minimum period of four months. All botanical ideas will be considered for the purpose of this grant program.

Additional Lighting

Additional lighting adds to the ambience of your business. From string lights to unconventional forms that would make your storefront stand out! They must be within the District of Sechelt By Law Standards – view link.

Flower Planters

Flower planters may be ordered or bought from the supplier of your choice and can contain any plant selections. We do require planters that can be used in all seasons.

Street Furniture

Street furniture adds to the ambience of an area and encourages people to stay longer. Think out of the box, but also think of furniture that will withstand the summer and winter elements. Street Furniture needs to be easy to move, as it must be taken in each night. Furniture can be situated directly in front of your business no more than 3 feet from the front or past the awning. It cannot obstruct the sidewalk or cause any safety hazard for pedestrians.

Sandwich Board Signs

A unique designed to draw people into your business. Must be directly in front of business. Cannot be situated on street corners or obstructing pedestrian traffic.

Application Process

Completed applications will be taken on a first come, first served basis. The program is grant based, with each applicant being able to apply for funding for the cost of approved program elements, up to a maximum of $500.

Project proposal submissions must include a detailed description of your proposed design and be accompanied by photographs or renderings of your individual design elements (this does not have to be a professional drawing). Eligible project components include, but are not limited to the above.

Applications must be submitted and approved by the Downtown Sechelt staff and beautification committee prior to the onset of the micro grant project in order to be eligible to receive funding.

Permits may be required for oversize planters and/or signage. Any questions regarding permits should be directed to Planning & Development at the District of Sechelt 604-885-1986

Click My Downtown Beautification Micro Grant – SDBA 2024 to complete the application

Contact Theressa Logan, Coordinator for more information P: 604-885-9611 E:


Protection For Your Growing Business

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They have worked with the BIABC since 2017 developing a program that would provide comprehensive coverage that was both affordable and stable from year to year.  We are excited to offer a solution that fits this criteria and is exclusive to the BIABC members.

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Their Health Spending Accounts allow the employer to allocate a specific dollar amount to each employee every year, to cover eligible health and dental expenses. This is completely tax deductible for the employer, and provides flexibility for the employees  to spend the funds on what is most important to them. There are no medical questions required for coverage.

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