Information to Provide for your SDBA Website Listing


The SDBA is committed to giving you the best value for your membership. Along with the many events we organize, sponsor and promote, we want to connect customers with your business using online opportunities such as facebook and our website. To do that, we need just a bit of help from you.

Every member business is included in our business directory. There is room for a detailed description of your business and a single well-chosen photograph. To date, only 40% of members have provided this information. We hope to increase that to 95% or more.

The more detailed listings we have in this directory, the more value it will have to the public and to visiting tourists, and the easier it will be to promote it to build a larger audience. We’re shooting for that ‘critical mass’ of quality information that will make the SDBA website the go-to business directory on the Sunshine Coast.

So when you provide us with detailed information and a picture for your listing, it benefits not just you, but also your fellow business owners in the downtown Sechelt business area. 

Information to Provide

To provide us with complete information, just copy and paste the lines below into an email and then type in the information and send it to us at Please attached a photograph with the email. Here are recommendations for the size and subject matter of photographs.

Business Name: 
Street Address: 
Town: Sechelt
Province: British Columbia
Postal Code: V0N 3A0
PO Box:
Telephone Number(s): (604)
Email Address:
Facebook Page:
Hours (include both weekdays and hours per day):

Type of business (e.g. adult clothing, children’s toys, bookstore, grocery etc):

How to find us (if your business entrance is difficult to find from the street, please include some notes):

Introduce your business: This can be 3 to 5 short paragraphs of information designed to encourage people to visit your business. We recommend you write the paragraphs as if you are actually speaking to a potential customer in person. For example, use “I” or “we” when talking about your business (as opposed to he/she/they), and use a friendly, casual “voice” rather than formal language. Don’t worry about grammar or spelling; we’ll proof for that. Remember that the SDBA website listing for your business might be the first place someone hears about your business, so tell them everything you’d want them to know about your offerings.

Take a Photograph (or a few): Please send us one or more photographs of your business. We will choose one to include in your listing. If you sell physical products (as opposed to services), we recommend that your photograph show your products. This will be more effective than a photograph of the outside of your business or of staff behind a counter. We’ve prepared a webpage which includes some examples of successful – and less successful – photographs to help guide your choice. Please take care to ensure adequate lighting and that the photo is in focus. Please email us your photograph as a JPG, which is at least 600 by 1000 pixels in size. Please do not add text to your images, or collage together multiple images.


Thank you for working together towards the success of all the businesses in downtown Sechelt!